Holman Men, The Modern Man is a Holman Enterprise Group Company, it was founded in Ohio in 2018 after years of searching for the right jewelry manufacture.

We found INOX, here is a little about INOX and who they are.

INOX Jewelry was launched in 2007 with a simple premise: High-end quality, relevant innovative designs, and moderate affordability to counter traditional precious metals jewelry.
By using modern alternative materials like 316L Stainless Steel and Solid Carbon Graphite, along staples like genuine leather and stone bead to create designs that were not only unique, but in tune with current fashion needs and trends; INOX Jewelry quickly established itself as a leader in the Men’s jewelry market and grew over the last 11 years to count with over 1,000 select retailers in the United States, many more fine retailers around the world and exclusive distribution in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, India, Turkey, and Argentina.

Holman Men, The Modern Man has come together with INOX Jewelry the manufacture of some of the finest men's jewelry in the US.